Everything Reminds Me Of Him

Every single thing. A song on the radio? I wonder what he’d think about it. A beautiful spot in the sun? Visions of us holding hands, happy to be alive and together. My son’s Legos strewn across the floor? I envisioned a lasting relationship, some sort of a future with this man. My god.

All I did today was cry.

I hate this, I really do.

Dan Jimenez, Adrian Jimenez, escritorio1978

2 thoughts on “Everything Reminds Me Of Him

  1. Ah hell this post made me tear up.

    Crying is ok, cleansing maybe? Relationships ending are horrible, blog about it – it’s such a good way to express what a mess your head is at any given time 🙂


  2. Thank you so much! My head is definitely a mess, but at least this is giving me an outlet for the moment. My heart is in tatters, so I’m really hoping to find something that helps.

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