I Feel Guilty But More Positive Than Before

I reread what I wrote to her earlier, and I can totally see how she was confused and hurt. It all made such perfect sense  as I was writing it, but upon reflection I can see how it was misinterpreted. And I caused her to lash out and try to hurt me, when all I wanted to do was say I’ve figured out how he can still be a decent person and that’s good for both of us. If he’s a decent person, then they can work things out and live happily ever after, and I can move on, equally happily ever after, with my belief in love, passion and entwined souls intact. But that didn’t come across, and I hurt someone by my poorly thought out action. I am so sorry. Damn.

I will make it through this. I am making it through this. I will be ok. I will find a love that is true and lasting and is worthy of me. I say so, dammit!


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