Bars And Bad Beer

Between the whole I’m-too-naive-to-realize-the-man-I-loved-was-married fiasco and the time spent with my cousin in a few bars and local hangouts last night, I’m really starting to understand that finding the sort of relationship that I long for is not going to be easy. And before anyone says bars aren’t the best place to meet men . . . well yes, I know that, and it’s really not the point. It’s more just that I got a bit overwhelmed with the strangeness of it all, the whole dance, the back and forth, the games.

I don’t know. I think I’m just feeling a bit down. And my ear hurts, which can’t be good news. I’m going to bed. Early, for me at least, barely after midnight. Let’s hope sleep is within reach, I’m getting a bit tired of the whole toss and turn all night long thing.

Oh, one last thought. What, exactly, is the purpose behind men deliberately drinking the shittiest beers imaginable? No one actually drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon on purpose, at least not more than once. Nasty swill, my god. Yeah, I took a few sips, but that is because I’m a nice person and I know how hard it is to approach someone. But here’s the deal . . . we’d have talked to you anyway. Next time, if you want to buy a round, consider asking us what we want first. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Bars And Bad Beer

  1. Glad that you got out at least. Pity that you got stuck with PBR though. Were they college guys?

    I’m no bar pick-up artist but I’ve always assumed it was standard practice to ask what the lady was drinking prior to buying a round.

    I’ll be keeping a curious eye on your adventures. lol.

    • I will allow that this particular encounter was very late in the evening, last round in fact. Gestures, significantly raised eyebrows and quizzical expressions could have been misinterpreted, I suppose. Though I am sticking with my opinion that no one actually drinks that crap on purpose, so I can only assume he was of the hipster persuasion. Perhaps asking what the lady will have isn’t ironic enough to suit?

      If I had to guess age, I’d say he was early to mid-30’s. I am not at all good at determining ages, though. Never have been.

      It was very good to get out, though, and we really did have a lot of fun, which is something I definitely needed.

  2. Guess I’ll just take back that case of PBR I got you for Christmas. 😉 And yes…good times were had. And much needed by both parties.

    • Much needed indeed. We must do it again as soon an humanly possible. 🙂

      We’ll put the refund money from the case PBR towards a decent bottle (case?) of wine, haha!

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