Things To Do Today

Finish washing clothes, pack a bag for tonight, get to the post office to pick up my new Kindle, make sure my son has everything he needs for while I’ll be gone, kiss and hug him, kiss and hug him some more, drive to my cousin’s, commence girl time.

Seems simple enough, really. But I seem to be having an anxiety attack instead. I’m cold inside.

Help me, define the light that’s shining on me
to get back what they’ve taken from me
and build a little fire where it’s cold

Show me, the path that leads to all the glory
the words that tell a sacred story
and build a little fire where its cold

I wanna live in a dream in my record machine
I want a piece of the world and every one inside my mouth
cuz all the money I waste, is it a manner of taste
I want a piece of the world and you can’t make me spit it out

Partial lyrics from I Wanna Live In a Dream In My (Record Machine)


Noel Gallagher Is A Musical Genius

I am so in love with this album. It is all I have listened to for days. It’s playing right now, as I sit here and type. If I am awake, this is playing. If I am in the car, this is playing. Straight through, it is so freaking good. Well, except for when my son is in the car with me. HIs autism makes him, we’ll call it extra focused on things, and he tends to get stuck on individual songs. Currently, the only song he’ll listen to is The Hero, by Queen. But, the point is, Noel Gallagher is like a god to me, and this album is excellent. Listen to it now, I insist.

Oasis was and is a favorite group of mine, I have loved them since the very first moment I heard them, way back in, what . . . 1995, I guess. He loves them, too. We’d been excitedly awaiting the release of this album, and now here it is. I won’t let heartbreak or sadness deprive me of something that I love, nope, I won’t do that. So that is my positive thought for the day. It might not be much, but I think every bit I manage is a step in the right direction.

There is one song I probably won’t deliberately listen to for a while, but I’m ok with that for now.

I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl

Come on, save my soul,

I need some sugar in my bowl

I ain’t foolin’

I want some sugar in my bowl