The Beginning

I met a man. We fell in like, then lust, then love.

Then I met his wife.

My heart is in pieces. This is me breathing.

Dan Jimenez, Adrian Jimenez, escritorio1978

6 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I’ve been reading your posts and didn’t want to leave without saying how sorry I am for all your pain. Your writing is very affecting. ‘This is me breathing’ is a beautiful and powerful way to describe how your writing is helping you to heal.

    I love the title of your blog too. Yes is indeed messy, but ‘no’ is life-denying. I think your words communicate that too.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I know I am not a writer, so it is nice to know that at least some of what I am trying to express is coming across.

    I’ve been browsing through your blog as well. You have a wonderful way with creating mental images, thank you for sharing.

  3. Yes is indeed messy. Sometimes No is life giving, as it keeps you from things that suck the life out of you.

    I am sorry for your pain. I hope you are able to work through it and let go for to not do so would keep you a prisoner and a victim. You are stronger than that.

    You say that you are not a writer but you are great communicator.

    • Thank you! I am working through it, writing is actually helping me quite a bit. Not the easiest process though, lots of ups and downs. I think the anger is a step forward, at least I am hoping so.

      • Anger is often a step forward. I think the process is sometimes one first feels like the life is drained out of them, then grief and sometimes oscillating between the two — from that anger is a step forward. Eventually one can move on and the past is not as interesting as what lies ahead. Best wishes!

  4. That is well said, about eventually the past is not as interesting as what lies ahead. I am not there yet, clearly, but that is a promising way of looking at it. I can tell that I am making progress, though. Movement, even if it is two steps forward, one step back, and so on, ultimately the movement is forward and that is good. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

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